Mini Project

Business Intelligence &
Data Analytics

E7: Group No.: 5

Group Members

Tanishq Kothari

Roll No.: 323029
GR No.: 21810117

Nidhi Kulkarni

Roll No.: 323030
GR No.: 21810100

Naveen Kumar

Roll No.: 323038
GR No.: 21810579

Rutuja Pote

Roll No.: 323046
GR No.: 21810081


  1. To gather and analyze detailed information on the cars in USA
  2. Pre-processing of Dataset.
  3. Analysis of Dataset.
  4. To provide insights related to car prices ,condition, status,  statewise distribution.
  5. To know which brand at an average manufactures the most expensive and the cheapest car .
  6. Predict the the title status by using logistic regression.
  7. Visualization of Inferences for better understanding.
  8. To construct a website for better usage and ease of access.