We have drawn the following inferences from visualizing the dataset:

  • The most luxury SL-class is the costliest car model in USA with an average price of $84900.
  • It is clearly visible that a clean car has been driven the most than that of salvage insured (scrap) car.
  • Ford is the most preferred brand with the highest sales.
  • We observed that the highest correlation between two attributes and applied them in the analysis chart.(mileage Vs year)(price Vs year).
  • As we can see there’s a negative correlation between mileage and year where we can infer that on an average the oldest cars has been driven the most. And with every year , prices of the cars on an average is raising.
  • Which brand manufactures the costliest vehicles ?(Harley Davidson).
  • Kentucky has the costliest vehicles on an average.
  • Regarding the ability to predict a car’s title status, logistic regression was quite accurate at 97%.